As part of the of the Tashweesh festival L'Art Rue in Tunis is organising an online retreat on December 3 and 4, 2021 for artists and activists working on issues of feminism, gender and sexualities. During this meeting, participants had the opportunity to share their research, ideas and projects as well as interact with other artists and experts and with the co curators of Tashweesh 2022, Tania El Khoury and Bochra Triki.

We are delighted to share the names of the 25 participants from 10 different countries (Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Germany, UK, Italy, Belgium, France) and a selection of 21 projects : Leila Saadna, Meryem Marzouki, Chiara Canulli Stefanelli, Manon de Matauco, Manal Tass, Kaoutar Chaqchaq, Zoë Aiano, Anna Bener, Rana Feghali, Rokaya Chaarani, Sabine El Chamaa, Sophia Moussa, Dalia Naous, Petra Serhal, Soukaina Habiballah, Bochra Taboubi; Salma Labayad aka Sassouki Salma, Hope Mokded, Rita Adib, Mirella Salamé, Sidonie Ale, Serena Vittorini, Jes Bolduc, Federica Bueti and Nat Skoczylas.