For the development of the project, the partners work with two co-curators, Tania El Khoury and Bochra Triki. Bochra Triki is associate professor of French and cultural operator in several projects. She notably co-organized Chouftouhonna, the international feminist art festival in Tunis during its four editions. She also co-founded Shift, a feminist print and digital graphic novel project. She is currently co-curator of the Tashweesh festival and podcast producer with Inkyfada. Tania El Khoury is an artist whose work focuses on the interactivity of the public and its political potential. Tania's work has been translated into multiple languages and shown in 32 countries and 6 continents in spaces ranging from museums to cable cars. She is the recipient of the Soros Art Fellowship, the Bessies Outstanding Production Award, the International Live Art Prize, the Total Theater Innovation Award and the Arches Brick Award. Tania is the director of the OSUN Center for Human Rights and the Arts at Bard College in New York. She holds a doctorate from Royal Holloway, University of London. She is associated with the artist collective Forest Fringe in the United Kingdom and is the co-founder of Dictaphone Group in Lebanon, a research and living art collective aiming to question our relationship to the city and to redefine its public space.

تشویش Tashweesh will conclude in three festivals held in three different cities of the project, Brussels, Vienna and Tunis. The festivals will take place in the fall of 2022.